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Classically-trained St. Louis native Dan Schaefer was voluntarily transplanted to Nashville in the mid-‘90s, and a hook-heavy, soulful pop writing style was treated to an infusion of folk, country and Americana influences. His songs have been cut by independent artists including Mark Hatt, Cindy Standage and Kathy Hussey; production credits include his own catalog and the Alan Oatley EP This is Not an Apology. He can often be found playing tunes at random watering holes in Nashville and elsewhere, sometimes as part of Music City's acclaimed writing and performing consortium The Variety Pack. He’s hit the circuit as a finalist at festivals including the Gum Tree Festival in Tupelo, Mississippi, and the Riverbluff Acoustic Music Festival in Ashland City, Tennessee.  "One of Nashville's top 30 pop artists."--Reverb Nation, September 2013.

pure life.

 the new cd.  available now.


"cliff cave"
from pure life

from pure life

Born with soul.  Raised on American pop.  Classically trained. Fine-tuned in Nashville.  Armed with a full heart, Dan Schaefer harnesses the experiences and musical influences of a lifetime on Pure Life, the new album.

The Nashville-based singer/songwriter essentially collaborates with himself on the new collection, writing, singing and playing every word, note and instrument.  Pure Life sets a hook immediately, and repeated listening reveals hidden meaning--kind of like life itself.  Standouts include the driving and philosophical “When I Needed a Reason,” the melodic and thankful “Chosen Family,” the suspenseful coming-of-age mini-movie “Cliff Cave,” the inspirational story-song inspired by Nadine Hays Pisani’s Happier Than a Billionaire book series, “Pura Vida (Pure Life),” and the Spanish-language choral piece “Montserrat.”

Pure Life.  The new CD.  Pure globally-inspired, classically-influenced pop/soul/country/folk/Americana bliss.

Click here to sample and purchase Pure Life via CD Baby.  (Also available at iTunes, Amazon, and other online and traditional retailers worldwide.)

the catalog.


                     separate vacations (2005)                             so romantic (2007)                                    wild ideas (2010)                    where the days are golden (2012)
                       the 2005 dance-influenced side-project.                         nashville independent music (nim)                                radio-friendly and from the heart.                   walls-down, thoughtful and thought-provoking
            brooding, intellectual, philosophical examinations               organization's 2007 album of the year.                         country-flavored pop tunes inspired by                pop vignettes of longing, loss, and uplifting
                     of creativity vs. commerce, politics and life                  shamelessly emotional, hook-laden pop                                 life, love and open natural                               redemption.  a musically-satisfying dive
                        choices, heavily influenced by red wine.                                                   tastiness.                                                                           spaces.                                                               beneath the surface.

                                  "clean house"                                             "you move me"                                             "tin roof rain"                                           "life on earth"
                            from separate vacations                                    from so romantic                                             from wild ideas                             from where the days are golden

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