dan's books

Dan is also an author, with two non-fiction books available in e-book format and paperback via Amazon.  Click on the book covers for additional info (if you feel like it!).

Me Against the Man:  How the Guy Who Never Got Paid Much Shocked the World by Retiring Early, and How You Can Too!
This popular saving and investment guide details a casual path to early retirement, accomplished in just a handful of years
on an average income...and possible for just about anyone.  Check it out if you don't feel like being stuck at a less-than-thrilling
job until you keel over dead.

The Gay Jungle:  A Beginner's Guide to Navigating Life as a Gay Guy
Part autobiographical examination of gay life in America and part self-help guide for young LGBT individuals trying to find the best path
in today's world, The Gay Jungle is a great and helpful read for all ages.  Recommended for those just coming out of the closet, parents
looking for information and perspective, and anyone who enjoys an interesting life story.

Click here to visit Dan's author page on Amazon.
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